The concept of “browsing the web” is being replaced by automated agents that access to structured content. Dialogue systems are a natural way to interact with the machine readable data and services on the web. With DIALSWS, we will develop an approach for annotating web APIs with a lightweight semantic vocabulary based on schema.org and an approach for semi-automatically generating open and flexible goal-oriented dialogue systems based on those Web APIs.

Schema.org is one of the biggest collaborative vocabulary engineering projects and for the time being the de-facto standart. We aim to leverage the high-level adoption of the vocabulary by web content publishers an give them guidelines and tools to annotate not only their data but also their Web APIs. The semantic description of Web APIs, then will be used for semi-automated generation of intelligent agents, particularly dialogue systems.

The documentation below introduces the Unified Intent Modeling Ontology (UIMO) with some examples. For the details of Web API annotation with schema.org actions, see the WASA Specification.

Umutcan Serles
Umutcan Serles
Postdoctoral Researcher

I’m a researcher at STI Innsbruck research group at the Department of Computer Science of University of Innsbruck. My research interests include Semantic Web and Services, schema.org, Linked Open Data, Knowledge Graphs, Dialog Systems.