Intent Generation for Goal-Oriented Dialogue Systems based on Schema. org Annotations


Goal-oriented dialogue systems typically communicate with a backend (eg database, Web API) to complete certain tasks to reach a goal. The intents that a dialogue system can recognize are mostly included to the system by the developer statically. For an open dialogue system that can work on more than a small set of well curated data and APIs, this manual intent creation will not scalable. In this paper, we introduce a straightforward methodology for intent creation based on semantic annotation of data and services on the web. With this method, the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) module of a goal-oriented dialogue system can adapt to newly introduced APIs without requiring heavy developer involvement. We were able to extract intents and necessary slots to be filled from this http URL annotations. We were also able to create a set of initial training sentences for classifying user utterances into the generated intents. We demonstrate our approach on the NLU module of a state-of-the art dialogue system development framework.

Presented at the 1st International Workshop on Chatbots co-located with ICWSM 2018